Thursday, 24 November 2011

Goodbye 2011!!!
I am a member of the Friendshipgroup who is affiliated to the Oranje Quiltersguild. We are currently 15 friends who get together every second Friday of a new month. Then we "Show and Tell", inspire, laugh,cry, share a cup of coffee or tea and do some quilting. But every November we treat ourselves at one of  Bloemfontein's nice restaurants, exchanges some gifts, wish everyone the best for Christmas and go our own way up till the next year.

Carine, one of our members gave each one of us  a brown bag as a gift. On opening it we found a hart, made from wire, and lots of bits en pieces   of colourful fabrics. Se then explain that we had to tie al those fabric pieces to  the (wire) hart. It make a beautiful piece, you can hang anywhere you desire. Thanks, Carine, I did mine and the colourful pieces of fabric send a cheerful message of love!

We also made each a gift in the form of this lovely covered coat hangers and then exchange it between the 15 of us.  And, wow! is all I can say! Everyone of us, just love our presents! 

To all the others quilters - Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time with your loved ones.

"Love lives at he end of our fingertips,
but there it will dormant lie,
until we extend a helping hand to a fellow passer-by.
For love, like all beauty, is meant to be shared,
not hidden away from sight;
 For it`s only in giving that we receive,
It`s in sharing the heart delights."- LP Fritz

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...beste wense vir die Nuwe Jaar!